Cage North「My Love’s Like」

Cage North「My Love's Like」

『My Love’s Like』は、テレビアニメ「たまこまーけっと」(第1話)挿入歌として使用された楽曲。歌:Cage North。2013年3月20日発売、Blu-ray/DVD「たまこまーけっと (1) (イベントチケット先行購入申し込み券付き)」の特典CDに収録されている。


The box of matches
This trousers’ patches
A shelf of hardbacks
A pile of tin tacks

Sat in my room with nothing to do
Objects remind me of me and you

Because my love’s like a shoehorn
Sliding in your soul
A bone-handled shoehorn
In the shoe of your heart
Turning me gold? wooohooohooo

A broken dartboard
This replica sword
The leather wath-strap
A rusty bath-tap

Gathering dust and piling up high
Objects surround us until we die

Because my love’s like a shoehorn
Slipped under your heel
An old hotel shoehorn
With the curve of a life
Making us cold? wooohooohooo

Loaf of bread like the curve of your
Your crust so pale
Standing here with my hand on your
Sweet clothing rail?

My love’s like a shoehorn
Sliding forever
It’s too late to change
What these objects arrange
And your love’s like a teaspoon
Stirring forever
The coffee of me
When all I want is some tea
With you?