『Fraud』は、テレビアニメ「魔法科高校の劣等生」の挿入歌として使用された楽曲。ラップ・作詞:IGOR、作曲・編曲:岩崎琢。2014年7月2日発売、「魔法科高校の劣等生 オリジナルサウンドトラック 1」に収録されている。


Desire, Passion, Envy, Human, Greedy, Pain…

No matter what, no matter who my enemy is,
I get what I want how it goes down
Beware of your heart don’t open it too much ‘cause
Darkness is ready that’s how it goes down…

Evil, Blood, Trigger, Fear, Heaven, Hell…

The greed of evil paints the bright red blood into
pitch black
No turning back need wisdom to attack
But pay attention, show even a weakness
It drags you from your feet…
There’s no such things as conscience
The only things that exist is nonsence
Can’t find meaning for patience in a world of fraud,
Payback and vengeance.

Does revenge turn people into fools?
Do delusions turn people into fools?
Do uprisings turn people into fools?
Does death turn people into fools?

Not a single door that shines a ray of hope is open
No staircase to get higher…

Those who fail, when they realize
Are one of many in the city of black DESIRE…
Power, Dominance, Destruct, Blood, Future, Past…

I saw a dragon flying in this nightmare
Collecting bones spitting fire in the air
They’re trying to run away of course it’s unfair
Totally bared, nobody spare…
Seems like hell but I’ve seen it somewhere, oh yeah…
Land of despair
Land of despair…

Do nightmares bring people back to life?
Does power make people stronger?
Do destructions awaken the people?
Does suffering make people stronger?
What does fear give to the people?
What awaits at the end of trauma?
What’s the meaning behind the wait for the end?
What’s the mission that the beginnings brings?