Infection MELL

MIRAGE 〈初回限定盤〉


読み いんふぇくしょん
制作者 作詞:MELL 英訳:seven-lon 作曲・編曲:井内舞子
カテゴリ アニメ「学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD」第7話挿入歌
収録CD 2010年10月27日発売、2ndアルバム「MIRAGE」


Infection of the dead one by one.
Infection of the dead two by two.
Infection of the dead all of you.
Give in and go eat them all.

A little dream that you gave me.
But it was just over a fading bond.
What are you you look so pale,
Hey… shall we change all of this world rules.

Horrible! May-day! SOS!
Blood of busters.
Blood of your bros dropping from all over you.
For a chance to cut off the world we used to have.
We have the deepen hidden sharpen fang.

It’s joy of the time to enjoy insane,
a big bite for a taste with this dark fang.

You know what, what is the “sane” you say?
“No, I don’t know” Don’t ask me it any more.

But, it’s nice, meeting as a bait.
Try to eat, you and you all around you all.

Horrible! May-day! SOS!
Wandering in the world
You are to seek for the phantom peace.
Holding to love you’ve lost, shouting for what you’d had.
How much you try to fill the thirst is the soul.

Is it the sin we had in past life, is there any way just to get away?

Horrible! May-day! SOS!
Brains of busters.
Wisdom, pureness, innocent, white-raw brain.
Badness, goodness, fairness, of this world we have now.
It’s with grieving masks under unfair.

Horrible! May-day! SOS!
Blood of busters.
Holy and Bright with you what we had.
Throwing dragging breaking all you’ve got “あんっ”.
Falling down to the dead and splat.

Nothing more to do see and know.
Good-bye to the insane of the dead is “fang”.


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