Tell Me What The Rain Knows 坂本真綾


Tell Me What The Rain Knows

読み てるみーわっとざれいんのうず
歌手 坂本真綾
制作者 作詞:Chris Mosdell 作曲・編曲:菅野よう子
カテゴリ アニメ「WOLF’S RAIN」第26話エンディングテーマ
収録CD 2004年1月21日発売、「WOLF’S RAIN O.S.T2」


Tell me what the rain knows
O are these the Tears of Ages
That wash away the Wolf’s Way
And leave not a trace of the day?

Tell me what the rain knows
O is this the flood of fortune
That pours itself upon me?
O see how I drown in this sea

Hark, hear the howl that eats the moon alive
Your fur is on fire
The smoke turns the whole sky raven black
And the world upon your back will crack

Where will you go
Now you’ve no home?

Let the rain wash away your last days


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